Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers Are Your Neighbors
The communities of the Hopewell Valley are protected by an amazing group of men and women.  Their service and dedication make them extraordinary people, yet when not fighting fires or saving lives,  these men and women are just like you. Here are some of their stories.

Sarah Hopkins with son Daniel
Pennington First Aid Squad
Compelled to help others in every situation. Read about Sarah



AnnemarieSoganicbAnnmarie Soganic
Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad, Squad Deputy Chief
An adrenaline junkie who likes to help people. Read about Annmarie



MaryTHorntonbMary Thornton
Pennington Fire Company Ladies’ Auxiliary
Following her family’s tradition of volunteer fire service. Read about Mary




Audra Tunison with daughters Lily and Leah
Hopewell Fire Department & Emergency Medical Unit EMT Lieutenant
After an ambulance crew responded in the wee hours to help her family, this RN volunteered. Read about Audra


DougKabayDoug Kabay (center)
Pennington First Aid Squad
Serving his community in retirement.  Read about Doug




Anthony Molnar
Pennington First Company
Thriving on the challenge, with support from other firefighters. Read about Anthony





Kurt Pedersen
Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad
Fighting fire with knowledge.  Read about Kurt



chris_marcus Fire house (2)

Chris Jones (right), with son Marcus
Hopewell Fire Department & Emergency Medical Unit
Saving lives, and even helping them into the world.  Read about Chris